Cash & Checks

Cash & Checks are accepted at the bookkeeper’s office or in elementary classrooms.


Prepay online with credit or debit cards.

Prepay for Meals Today!



Elementary Breakfast $1.85

Middle School Breakfast $2.00

High School Breakfast $2.00

Adult Breakfast $3.25



Elementary $2.95

Middle School $3.50

High School $3.50

Adult $5.00

Free and Reduced


Reduced Price Breakfast – $0.00

Reduced Price Lunch – $0.00





A La Carte


Prices available at individual schools.


We have three convenient ways to pay for meals.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  Online payments are quick with zero fees. Checks or cash are accepted at all schools.

Email notices and voice messages through School Messenger are sent bi-weekly for low balances. Contact us if you are not receiving these notices.


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