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Your family may qualify for free or reduced price meals.

As a part of the National School Meal Program, some students may be eligible for free or reduced price meals.  If you received an email in August stating your child is receiving meal benefits, no application is needed. All other families wishing to receive free or reduced meals must complete a new application each school year if your child(ren) attend these schools: Brentwood Elementary, Colbert Elementary, Meadow Ridge Elementary, Midway Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Skyline Elementary, Highland Middle, Mountainside Middle, Northwood Middle, Mead High, Mt. Spokane High, Mead Learning Options. If the family received assistance in the previous year, it may continue briefly into the new year, but without a new application the benefits could stop.  It can take up to 10 days to process an application. Communication is emailed to the household explaining the benefits that a family qualified for; keep this letter as you may use it for waived or reduced school fees.  You may apply at any time during the school year, especially if your household size increases or your income decreases. Household members do not have to be U.S. citizens for children to qualify for free or reduced-price meals and completing the application has no impact on immigration status. Applications are always available in the school office, administration building or online. Under the Federal Program, Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) we are able to offer free meals for all students attending Creekside Elementary, Evergreen Elementary, Farwell Elementary and Shiloh Hills Elementary. If you have not received a letter stating your child is receiving meal benefits, fill out a Education Benefits Form. This form is critical in determining the amount of money that our schools receive to offer supports and services to students including, but not limited to: Instructional Support, Non-instructional Services, Technology and Reduced or Waived fees. If you have students attending both a CEP school and a non-CEP school, fill out a Free/Reduced Meal Application. For translated information please click here. We encourage you to apply using our online application link below for access to Meal Application and Education Benefits Form. 


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